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Daddy's gift
It was His little princess's birthday, and He wanted to do something very special for her.So he decided to call her favorite resturant and reserve a quiet table for three for tomorrow night.He then calls her best friend since high school Sarah who is home from being over seas for six months, he fills her in on the plan and she happily accepts. He hangs up the phone smiling, His cock twitches at the thought going threw His mind as he knows Sarah is into girls and has always had a crush on His baby girl.He decides He better call to make sure the outfit He ordered her is ready so He picks up the phone and gives them a call.It ready so He asks to have it delivered the next day at three . With everything set He turns out the lights and heads to bed where His baby girl lay waiting.

The door bell ring the next day,he answers it,takes the package,pays the young man and closes the door. His princess comes down the stairs, he smiles and says i am taking you out for dinner tonight for your birthday baby, and in this package you will find everything you need to get ready.He kisses her and takes the package to the bedroom.
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The Taking Of Her Ass
Posted:Feb 15, 2014 10:34 am
Last Updated:Aug 12, 2017 1:49 pm

He woke up early the next morning, rolled over and smiled down at His cute little sub laying there with her soft brown hair cascading around her face as she slept soundly. He gets up quietly as not to disturb her wanting her to sleep in after the hard night before. He makes His way down stairs to start coffee and decides He will cook her pancakes and bacon, her favorite breakfast. His cock begins to thicken as He thinks back to last night and how wonderful her cunt felt wrapped so tightly around His cock, He groaned thinking about how that tight ass of hers was going to feel around Him today as He moved around the kitchen.

Upstairs she begins to stir, stretching her arms up over her head, the cool air caressing her body as the sheets are pulled down her body slightly. She opens her eyes and turns her head toward His pillow, finding Him not there she rolls over and pulls His pillow to her face inhaling His scent and smiles to herself. She sits up and begins to move from T/their bed just as He enters with a cup of coffee. Her eyes light up as she whispers good morning Sir, He makes His way to her, handing her the cup. He leans down and kisses her softly, smiling against her lips He says good morning my good little slut. Standing back up He says have Your coffee and then shower, then meet me in the kitchen for breakfast, I am making your favorite He says with a sly smile. She watches His hard muscular body as He turns and goes back down to the kitchen. She leans back on the pillows and sips her coffee.

Sitting her coffee on the night stand beside the bed, she slides from under the sheets and heads to the shower as the aroma of the pancakes and bacon wafts its way up the stairs and her stomach tells her she is famished. She adjusts the water and steps inside the shower, deciding not to wash her hair this time knowing she will probably endure at least one more shower today, she can’t help but smile at that thought. She lathered up her soft body, enjoying the scent of her vanilla soap He had bought her as a gift. Her fingers moving over her slick body, a small moan escapes her lips as her nails graze along her cunt, still so sensitive from last night. She turns toward the water and lets it rinse her body, shuddering then steps from the shower, dries off. She goes back to the room picks up her cup and heads down the stairs.
He is just putting T/their plates of pancakes and bacon on the table as she strolls in, she walks up to Him and kisses Him again before padding naked to the coffee pot to refill her cup. She returns to the table and sits, smiling, this looks amazing Sir thank You, He smiles and says you are welcome my good girl, now eat before it gets cold. T/they talk and laugh as T/they eat. After finishing, she stands and takes T/their dishes to the sink. She smiles and leans back as He presses up behind her, kissing the back of her neck as His hands roam over her soft body, mmmm you smell so good my slut as He pulls her around to face Him. He looks down at her as His fingers move up and around her nipples, gripping lightly then harder and harder, the whole time His eyes on hers as He waits for the tremble of her body. He chuckles as her teeth sink into her bottom lip to hold back her soft cries. .He releases her nipples as His hands move down to her smooth ass, gripping them in His hands as He lifts her up, her les wrapping around His waist, her soft giggles filling the room as He turns and carries her out to the patio.
His fingers squeezing at her ass, middle finger teasing her tight little ass as He carries her, whispering remember what I said about this hole last night slut? Just the tip of His finger pushes against her rose bud as He speaks. She clings to Him tighter, moaning yes Sir. Good girl as He lowers her to the cushions He Has splayed out by the pool. He reaches for the bottle of lube as He says “position slut” and she automatically moves to her hands and knees, arching her back, raising her soft ass. She turns her head and watches Him lube His hard cock. She shudders knowing He is going to claim her tight ass. He moves behind her, sliding His strong hands over her ass, spreading and squeezing before raising His hand and smacks her left cheek hard. She jumps feeling the sting, she can hear His hand stroking His lubed up cock, her body tensing as the head glides over her tight asshole. Arching her back more, inhaling deeply as the head pushes against the resistance of her anal ring. A soft cry slips from her lips as the head pushes into her tightness. He takes His time pushing and retreating only to push deeper with each slow stroke. He lets out a loud groan as His last inch sinks into her flexing ass. “Oh fuck slut so tight as He pulls back out slowly.
. She whimpers as His hands caress her back, her head dropping as His hips thrust once more, she turns her head on the cushions to look up at Him. He reaches under her one hand moving over her wet cunt slowly as His other hand reaches up rolling a hard nipple between His fingers as His hips begin to thrust harder and faster. The need to fill her ass so overwhelming as His back arches , she can feel His cock twitch and then the heat of His cum flooding her tight ass. His grunts feeling the room ohhh yes slut take Your Sir’s cum, her walls draining every drop He has. He pulls her down to Him as He rolls on His side, His cock still buried in her ass as He holds her tight to Him as they fade off into sleep.
Her Obedience Part 2
Posted:Feb 8, 2014 11:25 am
Last Updated:Aug 12, 2017 2:22 pm

She tilts her head..listening to the sounds coming from upstairs..she could hear the water being turned off as she struggled to pull her legs together..needing that friction against her throbbing cunt. Her eyes staring off in the distance..her hunger almost inbearable as she hears His footsteps coming down the stairs, her struggles stop as she watches her Sir approach her, inhaling deeply as she sees His still hard cock bouncing on His thighs as He gets closer.
She lets out a moan, her eyes filled with lust and love for her Sir..fingers stretching out as she rattles the chains trying to touch Him, He crouches in front of her..tilting her head up with His fingers under her chin and kisses her lightly as His free hand slips over her body..inching closer and closer to her wet little cunt, without warning He draws His hand back and spanks her once hard, groaning against her lips..whose cunt is this slut?,,her hips jerk at the sting,eyes sparkling as her words flutter breathlessly from her lips..Your cunt Sir...He pulls back and smiles at her and slides His hand back to stroke His own cock,,and would my little slut like to feel her Sir's cock filling her tight little fuck hole?..

She can barely talk as she groans out the words..yes please Sir..please fuck Your little slut. He smiles down upon her, moving His hands up to each cuff around her wrists, she smiles thinking finally He is going to un-cuff her wrists but He enjoys torturing His slut too much. He draws His nails up her arms toward her elbows, continuing to move them till He reaches her shoulders, down toward her tits, she inhales deeply as His fingers circle around each tit inching closer and closer to her hard throbbing nipples. She squirms and arches her back as she feels the pressure as His fingers and thumbs begin to close slowly around the hard nubs, T/their eyes never leaving the others as He suddenly pinches and twists her nipples, drawing a scream from her lips as she tries to hold her body still for Him, her cunt on fire and threathening to explode. He knows that look in her eyes as He abruptly releases her nipples and chuckles at the look of lust and disappointment in her eyes, He chuckles and says why the frown little slut I thought You wanted Sir to fuck You? Not waiting for her answer He reaches up and releases her cuffs from her wrists, she eagerly wraps her arms around His neck as He un-cuffs her ankles, pulling her soft body tight to His, feeling her tremble.

He stands drawing her to His feet, turning her so she leans back against His chest, knowing how sensitive her nipples are, He traces them with His fingers as her body stiffens against Him, lowering His head to her ear He whispers You better not cum my little slut as He grips them hard between His fingers again, holding them firmly between His fingers as His hot breath cascades over her neck. He can feel and sense her struggle as she grinds her ass back against His raging hard cock. Wanting to be in her tight little cunt He releases her nipples, and slaps her ass hard, growling on the couch slut on Your knees, I want my cunt and I want it now. She almost runs to the couch so eager to have her Sir fill her needy wetness.
He watches her eagerness with a smile on His face as He follows her, taking he soft ass in His strong hands and squeezes them as the head of His cock slides up and down her wet puffy lips. He leans over her, whispering close to her ear “You ready my slut?” She pushes back as the head of His cock brushes along her clit, moaning yes my Sir please. Without warning He sinks every wonderful inch of His cock into her depths, B/both of them groaning in unison. He pulls back out slowly feeling her quivering cunt gripping around Him as He moves, then slams back in again, loving the sounds He brings from her lips. His hand reaching up and grips a handful of hair, tugging her head back and around so He can watch her face and reaction as His other hand rises off her ass only to slap down hard on her ass cheek. Her eyes pop open as her teeth dig into her bottom lip, muffling the soft growls at the sting to her ass, holding her in that position as His thumb trails over her tight little ass pucker. His thumb slowly begins to fill her ass as His hips smack against her soft ass cheeks, her whimpers filling the air as He takes her holes and begins to fuck them in rhythm. Knowing He can’t hold back long as His balls tighten and cock swells, He leans over and bites her shoulder, hissing cum with me my slut. His words ringing in her ears as her wet walls tighten harder around His erupting cock as her own juices follow, drenching His thrusting cock. He slumps against her as the pleasure slows, kissing her lips slowly and whispering against them, I love how tight that little asshole is of yours, slut and I am going to take that next time. She shudders under Him, as her head nods still held in His grip.
Her Obedience
Posted:Jan 12, 2014 9:23 am
Last Updated:Aug 12, 2017 2:21 pm

Today was promised to be a special day from her Sir. She stands looking up into the mirror. She sees the flush and excitement on her cheeks as she looks down at His instructions, He left for her. She folds the note up and lays it on the counter-top satisfied that she has finished everything but her bath and retrieve the gift He left her under the bed.She moves to the fridge and grabs a small shot of whiskey trying to calm her anxiety. she looks around once more then rinses her glass and places it in the dishwasher, her dark eyes glance up at the clock, an hour and He would be home, so she heads upstairs to take her bath per His instructions

She walks threw T/their bedroom to the big tub, turns on the water and pads back to T/their bedroom, kneeling to the floor and pulls out the box that holds her surprise, that He mentioned. She sets it on the bed and opens it carefully. Inside she finds four sets of cuffs and a note, opening it with trembling fingers. She reads His words out loud" After your bath you are to put these on your ankles and wrists with nothing else. I will call you when i am five minutes from home, you are to be kneeling in the middle of the room facing the door when i enter." She folds the note and walks back to her bath on shaky legs. She climbs into the hot soapy water. Her every pore is tingling with excitement. She leans back to relax for a few minutes as she knows one touch and she will be cumming without permission..After a few long deep breaths she continues with her bath. knowing time is running short. Pulling the plug she stands and steps out of the tub, wrapping a towel around her she towel dries her hair, she finishes drying off and brushes out her medium brown hair and goes back to the bedroom. picking up the box she heads down stairs.

She sits on the couch and attaches the cuffs to her ankles and then her wrists, just as she locks them the phone rings, she almost jumps out of her skin at the sound, she answers breathlessly. She can hear the amusement in His voice as the only words he says is "kneel". She hangs up and moves into position, her legs spread wide, fingers clasped behind her back, head held high.
She squirms on her knees hearing His key in the lock. She breathes deep as the cool air grazes her bare cunt as He opens the door and steps in. She can see the pleasure in His eyes at her obedience. He walks over to her, leaning down He grips a handful of her still wet hair, yanking her head back He kisses her hard, whispering against her lips, "that is my good little slut" He stands back and says "up slut follow me to the kitchen. she rises and pads after Him

He stands beside the table, it is a tall wooden one so that when she kneels the back of her neck rests against the edge, He instructs her to kneel again facing Him, He orders her to stretch out her arms and He cuffs them to the legs of the table, now your legs slut i want to see that slutty little cunt that i own, He reaches down and cuffs each of her ankles along with her wrists..He smiles down at her, drawing His thumb over her soft lips and whispers "you are going to suck your Sir's cock all the way down that pretty throat aren't You slut?"
Just as he finishes His words He pushes His thumb past her lips, she mumbles yes Sir around His thumb, her insides tumbling as she knows she has never been able to take all of Him yet.He smiles and says "that is my good little slut" She watches as He reaches up with His free hand and unbuckles His belt, letting it hang in the loops as He unbuttons His pants and pulls down the zipper. He reaches inside His pants, she can see His fingers wrap around His cock,, she moans and sucks at His thumb hard as her mouth waters. He chuckles seeing the desire in her eyes as He torments her by keeping His cock in His pants.. finally He pulls His cock free, her eyes light up seeing the pre-cum already trickling, her tongue lapping at His thumb. Suddenly He pulls His thumb from her mouth and whispers.,"open that mouth wide my little slut". Obediently she opens her mouth and He pushes the head past her soft pouty warm lips..She hears His moans as she sucks hard on the head..her velvet wet tongue flicking at the tip, swallowing greedly as He pushes deeper into her waiting mouth. He looks down watching her suckle His cock so good..His fingers moving to her hair, pulling her head back He growls ready slut?..She shakes and quivers in her restraints and nods her head..His hips jerk forward hard, the head of His cock pushing at her throat, she gags instantly..
He ignores her gags and keeps pushing till her chin rests on His balls, she chokes and sputters as her drool escapes her stretched lips..Her face turning red as He holds her down tightly on His cock,,His groans fill the air, loving how her gags massage the length of His cock. The rattling of the cuffs fill her ears as she begins to panic and squirm on her knees..struggling to breathe around His thick cock..Abruptly He pulls from her mouth, drool running down her chin to her tits, His hard cock glistening in her drool..He whispers. "again slut but this time do not take your eyes off mine. She looks up as he thrusts back into her throat.. tears streaming down her cheeks as she continues to gag around Him..He knows he can't hold back much longer as her tight throat clenches around Him repeatedly
One final thrust and His cock erupts and sends His pleasure down His little sluts throat. She eagerly swallows until there is nothing left. His body shudders as he pulls from her mouth once more..tracing the head along her lips..smiling down at her..He leans His head down to her and whispers"you are such a good little slut for your Sir. He runs His fingers down between her stretched legs to feel her cunt, her hips push outward , her cunt throbbing ..He just smiles and whispers oh my little slut liked that didn't she? he brings His wet fingers to her mouth, drawing them over her lips.. he then stands leaving her cuffed to the table and says" I will be back for you slut i am going to take a shower." She groans yes Sir and watches Him walk away.
Daddy's Wake Up
Posted:Feb 13, 2012 4:37 pm
Last Updated:Aug 12, 2017 2:15 pm

It was Sunday morning and they both have the day off. She wakes up and looks at the clock and its 9:30. She rolls over toward Daddy and raises up on her elbow, resting her head on her hand watching Daddy sleep. Smiling to herself at His handsome face and wonders how she got to be so lucky to have such a wonderful, lovining Daddy as Him.She pulls the blanket slowly down His body, He shifts slightly and she bites her bottom lip and hesitates not wanting to wake Him just yet. She waits till His breathing returns to normal again, then slowly pushes the blanket the rest of the way off of Him.

She looks up at Him and His eyes are still closed, she shifts and moves between His thighs,she leans in and inhales His scent. His cock semi hard like every morning. She places her tongue just above His balls, slowly sliding the flat of her tongue to the tip, her tongue flicking and teasing the head.

Smiling as she loves to tease her Daddy. Her lips closing softly around Him sucking hard. She looks up as His hips buck upward at her mouth and she hears Him moan..His eyes are still closed and he lowers her lips down His thick cock. His hips pushing up even more, suddenly she feels His fingers in her hair and she looks up and into His smiling green eyes. He whispers breathe baby girl and she knows instantly what will happen, she inhales a deep breath and he pushes her head down hard filling her throat with His thick shaft.

Her gagging vibrating around His cock, He pulls her mouth off of His cock, strings of her spit connecting her lips to His cock, she sucks them back into her mouth, her tongue tracing around His wet glistening head. He moans deeply His fingers in her hair pushing her down as His hips jerk upward. She feels His shudders and whispers ohhhh gawd baby girl you know how to suck Daddy's cock. she feels His fingers tighten in her hair, His cock swelling in her sucking mouth, smiling knowing soon she will be fed her Daddy's cum. He holds her down tightly on His cock,hips arching once more as His cum begins to flood the back of her throat, she pulls her mouth back..letting her drool and His cum slide down his shaft. Looking up at Him she takes His cock back in her mouth sucking and licking at His cum. Fuck yes baby girl that's it drink Daddy's cum like a good slut. She slurps and sucks Him till His ass falls back down on the bed.

He pulls her up to Him and kisses her deeply, traces of His cum still on her tongue. T/they both moan and He whispers my turn. She giggles and wiggles out of His arms,smiling not this time Daddy, that was for taking such good care of Your princess Daddy. Now go take a shower Daddy and i will start breakfast, she turns and heads to the kitchen still in her nude.
Daddy's gift
Posted:Feb 4, 2012 4:00 pm
Last Updated:Oct 18, 2017 9:32 am

It was His little princess's birthday, and He wanted to do something very special for her.So he decided to her favorite resturant and reserve a quiet table for three for tomorrow night.He then calls her best friend since high school Sarah who is home from being over seas for six months, he fills her in on the plan and she happily accepts. He hangs the phone smiling, His cock twitches the thought going threw His mind as he knows Sarah is into girls and has always had a crush on His baby girl.He decides He better to make sure the outfit He ordered her is ready so He picks the phone and gives them a .It ready so He asks to have it delivered the next day three . With everything set He turns out the lights and heads to bed where His baby lay waiting.

The door bell ring the next day,he answers it,takes the package,pays the young man and closes the door. His princess comes down the stairs, he smiles and says i taking you out for dinner tonight for your birthday baby, and in this package you will find everything you to get ready.He kisses her and takes the package to the bedroom. She follows Him and finds the package on the bed, she hears the shower and looks the clock and sees it is time to get ready, so she decides to jump in the shower with . A soft sigh escapes her lips as she enters the showering knowing she has no time to with .

wants His lil excited so He lathers her body with her favorite scent(raspberry)His fingers lingering a little to long in certain places just to watch her grind and moan against Him, she presses tighter more. He whispers not yet baby as He rinses her off and they step from the shower and He dries her off. He leans down and kisses her softly, giving her ass a light smack and says get ready baby while i dry off and get ready.

she goes to the bedroom and opens the package,her eyes grow wide as the first thing she sees is the pair of black thigh high boots she has been eyeing he department store for weeks. She turns her head toward the bathroom and is standing there smiling, she runs into His arms kissing Him deeply she whipsers thank You . He kisses her nose and says your welcome My princess, go ahead there is more. She moves back to the bed and pulls out a very short black mini skirt,a sheer see threw black blouse, a red garter belt and a red lace bra, she looks for panties but does not find any, he frowns slightly,but feels a tinge of excitement knowing she will be exposed.

She sits down on the bed and begins to slowly roll the stockings her smooth legs,she puts on the bra and hooks it, looking down as her breasts are barely contained inside it. Shaking her head thinking bought it a size to small on purpose. A smiles crosses her lips as she slides on the garter belt,she stands and pulls the mini skirt over her curvy hips, moving to stand in front of the mirror, a gasps escapes her lips as the skirt just barely covers her already glistening pussy lips. She trembles knowing likes to show off His baby . Turning back toward the bed she slides into her blouse,noticing the three top buttons are missing, leaving little to the imagination as her creamy white breasts are visible.

He steps out of the bathroom and just stares at her. She jumps as she hears His deep husky voice say "damn princess you are one sexy ", she blushes and whispers thank You , she sits back down on the bed and pulls her boots on. comes over and takes her by the hand and pulls her to Him..kisses her softly whispering its time to go baby and they head down the stairs and head off down town.

All the way there they never spoke a word but she could feel her 's eyes on her, and she teased Him by sliding her skirt and down over her pussy, she smiled to herself seeing the bulge growing in His pants. They finally make it to the resturant and He parks the entrance so the vallet can park the car. As soon as she steps out of the care there stands Sarah. They both let out a squeal and hug each other.He smiles them and leads them into the resturant and they are lead to their table, He notices all eyes are on the two girls.

They talked,laughed and ate the evening away, well the girls talked and mainly listened to them. He enjoyed the way Sarah looked His babygirl and thought this may go better than He expected just if he could get His girl in the mood. He finally broke in and looked the girls and said it is time for us to go girls, i still have one more birthday surprise for you my princess. She shakes her head and whispers You spoil me . he takes her hand in His and kisses it softly...looking into her eyes,smiling He says is what 's are suppose to do princess.

Once T/they are outside waiting for the car he takes both their hands and whispers to Sarah I will bring you back tomorrow for your car, both girls smile excitedly. I don't think they took a breath all the way home. Once home He went and got everyone a glass of wine as the girls got comfortable on the couch. After about an hour of drinking and talking Sarah asks for the bathroom, I point her in the right direction. I walk over to my girl and sit beside her on the couch pulling her into my lap. Kissing her deeply and whispering did you like your surprise baby? She returns His deep kiss, her eyes shining oh yes i love it, thank You so much . he pulls her to straddle His lap he back against His chest, capturing her feet behind His legs forcing her thighs wide. She trembles against Him feeling the cool rush over air on her pussy. he wraps His fingers in her hair,pulling her head back to look into her big chocolate brown eyes. His other hand sliding down her body over her thigh till His fingers brush lightly over her pussy, she moans softly, he smiles at her as His hand slaps down hard on her pussy,she squirms against Him. he growls in her ear is for teasing earlier. She presses her lips to His kissing Him deeply,His fingers returning to her pussy, finding her clit, he rolls it around loving how she moves in His lap and gets so wet for Him. He dips a finger into her fucking slowly,pulling His finger back out,holding it to her so she can see her juices glistening on it, she takes His hand in hers and pulls it to her lips,sucking His finger into her little mouth.

He lifts His eyes from watching His little lick His fingers clean and there stands Sarah wearing nothing but a shy smile,He nudges His and her eyes follow His. Her eyes widen as she stares her sexy best friend standing before T/them. She feels a flush in her cheeks as she realizes her legs are spread wide and her friend can see her exposed and very wet pussy. She looks back and tries to close her legs,but He yanks her head back and bites her ear, growling do not try and close those sexy legs . She trembles as He hardly ever growls her but her pussy seems to get wetter the growl.He dips His finger back into her sweet tight little pussy, looking Sarah he whispers want a taste? She bites her bottom lip and nods, He beckons her to T/them,reaching out His hand He takes her and pulls down so she goes to her knees in front of His girls spread thighs. He kisses His baby deeply and then pushes down on her shoulders, her ass just barely on His lap, her thighs straining from being spread so wide.

He nods to Sarah and she leans forward her tongue darting out and runs slowly and down His preincess's puffy wet lips. She almost jumps clear of my lap. He holds her tight and whispers relax baby and enjoy.I run my hands and cup her breasts in my hands squeezing and mauling them. My thumbs and fingers twisting and pulling the hard nubs. He looks down Sarah her tongue finding my little girls clit, watching as she flicks at it with her tongue. His girls hips begin to rock back and forth, soft moans escaping her lips. He leans down and takes a nipple between His teeth biting and sucking at the hardness, His other hand moving to the back of Sarah's head.

It doesn't take long before Him and Sarah have her bucking and begging to . He pushes Sarah's mouth down to His girls tight little cunt as He bites down hard on her nipple, hissing around the flesh babygirl NOW show Sarah what a little i own. She bucks wildly in my lap her screams almost deafening as her orgasm rips through her. I hear the surprised gasps coming from Sarah as i know my babygirl is filling her mouth with her sweet nectar. I pull back and hold her as she shudders and shakes, kissing her softly i whisper Happy Birthday princess. Sarah looks U/us her face glistening in my baby's sweet juices, she licks her lips and smiling says Happy Birthday my very best friend in the world. My surprises as she leans over and kisses Sarah..licking her lips uttering an thank you.

Pushing my baby gently to her feet, I stand. Turning to Sarah i take her hand and motion for her to lay on the couch with her ass barely on the cushions, pushing my to her hands and knees. She looks tentavilly, I lean down and stroke her hair, whispering you do want to thank Sarah don't you babygirl?
She looks back Sarah's pussy and has to admit to herself she does look and smells so yummy. She moves in closer, sticks her tongue out and just barely grazes her lips with her wet tongue. She probes her tongue a little deeper and harder, her tongue finding her clit as she tries to mimick what sarah did to her.

She hears behind her and turns her head in His direction. he wraps His fingers in her hair and she purrs automatically ,he pulls her head back, looking into her big brown eyes he whispers do not stop licking her cunt till she cums no matter what do you understand? She whimpers yes and He shoves her face back into Sarah's pussy. She begins to lick a little more eagerly as Sarah's hips begin to move under her. The only sounds to be heard is the sound of her tongue lapping the pussy before her.

Suddenly she feels Sarah's hands in her hair, pulling and holding her tight to her cunt, her back arching,her hips grinding against my 's tongue. I look down the two girls so proud of my little one as Sarah cries out, her body going stiff as she cries out she is cumming.Her body withering on the couch,He continues to watch as His little slides and into Sarah's arms kissing her and sharing her sweetness with her.

I down and pick my little ones in my arms, kissing her tenderly..tasting the remants of Sarah on her lips..i down and take Sarah's hand, pulling her to U/us, I whisper its bedtime girls and i lead them upstairs and to O/our bed...I hope Y/you all enjoy this story.

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